Electrical and metering supply and services

Leaders of Electrical and Metering Services across the National Electricity Market (NEM)

Smart Metering Services is an Australian owned company providing electrical and metering services for energy utility and government clients. As a leading Field Service Provider (FSP), our dedicated field services teams supply, install, maintain and test smart meters across the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM), including in remote areas.

Australian owned, industry leaders

Smart Metering Services is an Australian owned, specialised metering services provider with a dedicated, Full Time Equivalent (FTE) workforce. Smart meter installation and maintenance is our core business. We have diversified our services to also provide utilities with a complete range of network customer services.

Electrical and Metering Services leaders

Smart Metering Services’ dedicated, and skilled workforce underpin our ability to provide consistent and reliable service to our clients

Smart Metering Services

Provision of network services and maintenance, including response and rectification of faults, emergency response, service connection and disconnection
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